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Tagasi High-tech - Semiconductors and electronic components logistics

Our high-tech logistics experts can customise solution for the transport, storage and distribution of your semiconductors and electronic components.

The digital world and global supply chains

As the world we live in becomes more digital, the demand for semiconductors is at an all-time high with continued growth expected. The semiconductor supply chain is complex, often within a streamlined global manufacturing supply chain. The logistics for semiconductor manufacturing and distribution are specialised processes that require a high degree of logistics expertise.

Both inbound and outbound flows require fast, secure and careful transport. They also need to reliably arrive on time, to avoid any interruption to the production plans with close monitoring throughout the cycle. Work with an experienced logistics partner who can bring predictability into your supply chain to avoid surprises and last-minute changes with careful planning and execution.

High-tech specialists to cover your unique requirements

Our specialised high-tech teams can customise a solution for you that includes transport, storage and distribution. We understand the unique transportation requirements of semiconductors from the shipment of raw materials to plans, between plants and as finished goods to support the semiconductor supply chain. We have certified processes for moving sensitive manufacturing equipment, including shock avoidance and temperature control. For your peace of mind, you’ll have visibility of the shipment and key processes throughout the full end-to-end journey with our digital solutions.

Time-critical services

With so many electronics manufacturing processes relying on just-in-time inventory, we understand that late delivery of semiconductors or other key electronic components can stop your customer’s production lines. That’s why we also offer expedited time-critical services to ensure you receive your parts as quickly as possible. This exceptionally fast service is available 24/7/365, simply tell us when the shipment needs to arrive and leave the rest to us.