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Back Road Carrier Solution for advanced fleet management

Optimise your fleet management, automate driver communication and get real-time visibility across borders for each step of your full truckload shipments.

When disruptions happen on the road, reacting to them in real-time is vital. You want to prevent delays and make decisions with accurate information.

With Kuehne+Nagel`s Road Carrier Solution, we digitise the way carriers operate and communicate with their fleet in real-time. More than 20,000 carriers already use the solution with rewarding results. 

Telematics that keep you on track 

Discover the ease of GPS shipment tracking without driver interruptions. 

  • Full visibility, in real-time, for your entire FTL transportation fleet 
  • Automated integration with your existing truck telematics
  • Start tracking shipments 60 minutes before pickup and end tracking after the shipment is marked as delivered

The digital road: Stay ahead of the curve 

Digitise the way you operate and communicate to free up time and reduce costs.

By automating manual workflows online, you will reduce significantly driver check-ins and are enabled to proactively inform drivers on rising disruptions.

Seamless communications 

Staying connected with drivers can be time-intensive. Speed is essential when assigning jobs, sharing instructions, getting status updates or knowing their location.

Through our secure mobile URL, your drivers can share shipment information and capture a proof of delivery (POD) without installing a mobile application.

  • Share trips directly with drivers via SMS or email
  • Trip details are available on the driver’s mobile device
  • Send SMS with pick-up or delivery instructions 
  • Driver can upload electronic PODs at any time
  • 20+ languages for easy, two-way communication

Hear what our carriers are saying  

Starting as a family-owned business, Abijodi Transport & Projects (ATP) has grown into a regional logistics company. ATP connects Johannesburg with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Angola, and Tanzania. 

Listen to Abinely Sibanda, Managing Director of ATP, as he talks about his experience managing his fleet with Kuehne+Nagel’s Road Carrier Solution.

"The Road Carrier Solution is easy to use and just makes sense."

Abinley Sibanda, Managing Director, ATP

Optimise every road trip! Get in touch with our Road Carrier Solution experts today to find out how to elevate your fleet management experience.

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