Kuehne + Nagel is one of the most successful logistics providers worldwide. Estonia is one of our major logistics hubs. Did you know that Information Technology is one of our major branches in Estonia?

With technology and innovation at the heart of our corporate strategy, Kuehne + Nagel is the professional home base for more than 2,000 IT professionals across the globe. With our IT skills and expertise we contribute to the Kuehne + Nagel Group being a fully technology-enabled and data-driven value chain provider and leader of the digital transformation in the logistics industry.

In Estonia, the work of our software developers, engineers, architects and analysts focuses on the development of stand-alone software and applications, customization of standard applications, highly integrated software development and a wide range of innovative solutions. This includes drones, machine learning, enterprise software and web applications as well as hardware-centric solutions like production lines in warehouses. Our work also includes support, maintenance and infrastructure services along with EDI solutions.

Our IT structure is built on two major pillars: The Global Service Centre (GSC), also known as the Corporate IT, and the regional IT Service Centres in the Americas (ISC AMER), Asia and Pacific (ISC APAC) as well as the ISC EMEA, responsible for the region Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

While the GSC develops and maintains enterprise-wide applications and creates the global IT service landscape in the Kuehne + Nagel Group, the ISCs develop and maintain stand-alone software solutions and applications as well as local extensions to enterprise-wide applications for their regional Kuehne + Nagel partners. Our IT organizations work hand in hand to create the best solutions for our customers.

Other important teams represented in the KN IT Service Centre: Cybersecurity, Network operations, Infrastructure, Data Warehouse Management, HR IT, Workforce Management, HR, office administration staff etc. Java is the most common language used for software development of Kuehne + Nagel applications. However, there are teams that use C# and Python languages for applications development. Our colleagues mainly work for the Kuehne + Nagel IT organizations Global Service Centre and for the regional IT organisation ISC EMEA.

Kuehne + Nagel IT Centre in Tallinn

Kuehne + Nagel IT Service Centre AS
Lõõtsa 2B, Tallinn, 11415 Estonia

In acknowledgement of the Estonian focus on digitalisation and its highly skilled IT work force, Kuehne + Nagel established its IT Service Centre in Tallinn in August 2012 with a staff of 20. Today, the Service Centre has more than 400 local and international employees and continues to expand with the steadily growing demand for IT applications and services.

Kuehne + Nagel IT office in Tartu

Kuehne + Nagel IT Service Centre AS
Kastani 42, Tartu, 50410 Estonia

The Kuehne + Nagel IT Tartu office will be established end of 2018. Situated in a former industrial location and transformed into a modern IT work space, it is part of the ISC EMEA, the internal software house of Kuehne + Nagel that provides a wide range of technology solutions to the Kuehne + Nagel business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with an extremely broad portfolio of projects.

As one of the top international IT companies on the Estonian market, setting up a location in Tartu was a strategic expansion. Kuehne + Nagel benefits from the excellent local IT skills as well as the academic scene in Tartu. Kuehne + Nagel IT in Estonia is proud to utilize and expand available options to deepen the already established collaboration with universities and other academic institutions.

Over 400 software developers, engineers, analysts and architects, HR and administrative staff work at the Kuehne + Nagel IT Service Center in Tallinn and Tartu. Our average age is approx. 33 years; our age range is from 19 to 60 years. We are very international: apart from Estonians, our crew comes from all corners and all cultures of the world.

While dedicated to our projects and goals, we also take time to socialize and have fun together:

  • We unleash our creativity and dig into innovative ideas i.e. on our internal crowdfunding platform and our annual Hackathons.
  • Our company band “Der Grüne Wagen” rocks hard and takes part in the annual RockIT event in Tallinn.
  • We celebrate the start of the sunny season with an annual summer party with all Kuehne + Nagel IT colleagues in the countryside with a big BBQ, games, sportive activities, music and dancing.
  • We keep fit and have fun i.e. in our volleyball and football teams.
  • We have a group engaged in helping out at a local animal shelter in Tallinn.

Estonia is one of our bigger IT locations: More than 400 colleagues work in the different IT teams in Tallinn.