We handle every shipment with the utmost care and attention, but of course there will always be risk in a business like logistics. In addition to dedicated teams of logistics professionals, we employ robust processes, modern facilities and high quality equipment -- all fully certified and independently inspected. But for additional peace of mind, KN Cargo insurance is tailor-made for you.

With our long experience in this arena, combined with high volume, we can offer you carefully packaged cargo insurance at competitive rates. Our in-house insurance specialists in 30 countries are able to offer flexible insurance solutions to match your unique requirements.


  • Competitive premiums
  • Door-to-door coverage, including loading and unloading
  • Premium added on freight invoice per shipment
  • Security via our top class insurance partners
  • Compensation up to full insured value of your goods regardless of cause or fault by carriers
  • Minimal administration with Kuehne + Nagel insurance
  • Insurance certificate generated via advanced integrated e-insurance solutions and printed by Kuehne + Nagel
  • KN Cargo Insurance SPOT is the perfect solution for the company which ships cargo from time to time on an irregular basis but still wants to ensure the cargo is protected for unexpected events during transit.
  • KN Cargo Insurance FLEX a package service, guaranteeing maximum flexibility to lower the administration duty and time. Only one confirmation and all your shipments handled by Kuehne + Nagel are insured continuously with the possibility of interruption whenever you want.
  • KN Cargo Insurance FIX provides the insurance for all your shipments and brings the possibility to choose between our user friendly online e-insurance solution or an annual insurance policy. Both options ensures an easy and efficient  way how to  keep all your goods safe.