I have entered a postal code which is not known to KN FreightNet. How can I proceed?

In case you have entered details which cannot be handled by KN FreightNet you can proceed with the quotation or book and have the option to send a manual request to your local Kühne + Nagel office. An operator will get back to you in time

How do I know which Kühne + Nagel station to choose from?

If you are unsure, simply enter a city or airport code in order to choose the station related to that place. If you enter a city which has no Kühne + Nagel station, a list of Kühne + Nagel stations including the distance from the entered city is shown.

The destination of my shipment cannot be chosen. What shall I do?

Currently we only offer service between our stations. The list of routings is constantly increasing. For other selections please contact your local Kühne + Nagel office.

I have dangerous goods cargo. Where can I enter details?

Dangerous goods handling is subjected to strict regulations. That’s why one of our dangerous goods experts will approach you after submitting your quote/booking in order to obtain the required information.

What is the maximum size of a piece I can book via KN FreightNet?

In order to receive an instant pricing or place an automated booking request, the maximum size per piece is 304x230x300 cm with a maximum weight of 6804,0 kg. You are welcome to request larger shipment, however these will lead into a manual process as prior checking by our local operators is required.

I want to include pick-up but cannot choose Incoterm “FCA”.

Currently we cannot offer this due to billing limitations. Please consider term “EXW” for your shipment.

How do I know which Kühne + Nagel product to choose?

Please visit the products page in order to obtain detailed information and find the right solution for your needs.

What if I want to ship at a time later than 14 days?

Simply save your quote and update 14 days before planned shipping date in order to receive an up-to-date pricing.

How do I know if screening fee is required for my shipment?

Each country has its own regulations and applicability depends on many factors. Our local operators check every shipment upon booking and can give you detailed information on decision and local regulations. For general information on regulations please contact your local office.
Contact details are available via here.

I have submitted a booking. Who is my contact person for further handling?

Our local operators will check your booking and make further arrangements. You will receive a confirmation with details from your local operator in charge as soon as preparations have been made.

How long are quotations and bookings stored in KN FreightNet?

Quotations in "Your Quotes" are stored for 45 days after creation and bookings are available for 180 days in "Your Bookings".

I have lost my username and/or password. How can I login?

Simply click “forgot password” below the "Sign In" field and enter your username or email address. Your password will be mailed to your registered address.

Which browser types are supported?

Our application supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher as well as Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher. If you are unsure which version you are using please ask your system administrator for assistance.

I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher but the website does not load

For more information on Internet Explorer settings click here.